Polyester fibers are made from a chemical reaction between an alcohol and acid. It is derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum It’s among the most difficult materials to print on. The reason polyester may be battle to publish is due to a reaction called dye migration. Dye migration is basically just as it sounds to be; little dye particles moving in 1 place(cloth ) to a different (ink). This triggers an undesirable change or tint in ink color. For more information about Polyester printing, Visit us http://www.fabricprintingthailand.com/polyester-fabric-printing.php

Dye migration happens during what’s called”curing”. The chemical method is slightly bit more complicated, but healing is the drying of screen published inks. During the healing process, the garment is put on a conveyer belt, which functions beneath a radiant heat supply place at 320 degrees. When the ink is subjected to the 320- level heat, it’s”treated”. On the other hand, warmth is the origin of migration.

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After Comfort is subjected to warmth around 300 levels, dye migration starts to occur. Unfortunately, when printing polyester, you will always find a small shift in color. To reach the highest quality possible, two distinct methods are used.

1) One-stoke whitened – It is a specially formulated white ink which may be utilized as an under the base to assist block dye migration. Once that this layer of ink is put, any color plastisol ink could be layered to provide the garment the colors which you’re searching for.

2 ) Grey Underbase: This really is thicker ink which dries at a lower temperature, which will help to restrict dye migration.