When a loved one dies, they typically visit us shortly after their death. Some call this an after death communication; i call it a rock star moment.

This is your personal big bang moment with your deceased loved one. But, please don't despair if you've never experienced a rock star sign. If you want to communicate with your loved ones after your death then you can check out this source: What Does It Mean To Imprint – Freeze Your Knowledge

Some people never do, or some receive these signs years later. Personally, my biggest rock star moment was seeing my sister in my bedroom soon after she died. This jump-started our initial communication. Maybe something similar has happened to you, but you weren't sure if it was real.

Perhaps you worry that you blew your big moment, that your window of communication has closed. Not the case. You can start any time by merely saying to your loved one on the other side: i miss you.

 I'm thinking about you. Are you okay? I'm here. Send me a sign. Let them know that you're feeling excited, happy, tired, angry, depressed. Whatever particular mood you're in, share it. Ask (for signs) and you shall receive.

Invite your loved one into your world. They've entered another, and may be waiting for an invitation back into yours. Trust the process, and your communication will soon flourish.

At eight years old, he contracted kidney disease. It was a quick and devastating decline that forced the family to put him down. Joyce and her mother couldn't get over it.