Laser treatment in most cases reduces the symptoms significantly, more than one session is usually necessary in order to get optimal results. Years may pass before a patient sees blood vessels appear again if they protect their skin by wearing sunblock.

Because this is a non-invasive operation, whether or not patients will get anesthesia will depend largely on how much pain they can tolerate. Because an advanced procedure is used to treat rhinophyma, anesthesia becomes more of a necessity. You can also browse Vitiligo, Vitiligo Disease, Vitiligo Images to know more about laser treatment.

Controlling vascular legions requires the use of several remedies while removing smaller blood vessels only needs one session of therapy.


After the conclusion of the laser therapy, patients can encounter several different scenarios. One very common consequence of the treatment is bruising, which will persist for a week to 10 days on average. Other effects include inflammation, puffiness, and discomfort.

Find a physician to perform the laser treatment who is skilled and experienced. Tremendous skill is needed when treating the generalized redness. They appear like scars, even though they are the normal color of the skin. Additional laser therapy sessions are required in order to repair this issue.

However, no one wants to have to undergo additional treatment because of an error. For this reason, careful consideration should be given to which physician will be performing the procedure.