The payment protection for mortgage insurance is very important. It is beneficial to the lender or the company that provides your mortgage loan, but it is more beneficial and helpful for customers or borrowers. PPI claims can save your home and yourself from drastic losses.

Work of mortgage PPI can be explained in this way that if you go for a loan such as a mortgage for your home lenders offer payment protection insurance, PPI on your loan.

Advice and consultation, including the most important points to consider such as whether the buyer can afford a mortgage or not. If he is unable to pay the mortgage PPI, then it should not be sold to him. If you need proper consultation you can go for mortgage advice in Tunbridge wells.

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If anyone is selling herself PPI policy when he did not qualify then it is a case of MIS selling of mortgage payment protection insurance. And it is illegal to do.

Most cases of MIS sold mortgages are not given the right advice. Interest rate changes and becomes a bit higher when there is a MIS sold PPI. So it is a sign of where you can get to know that you are being misguided. This responsibility is not solely from banks and financial institutions but also buyers. They must be aware of the policy and their rights.