Bakery products are flour-based foods that are baked in an oven like bread, cakes, pastries, pizza base and pops. Bakery products are an item of mass consumption due to its low price. Rapid growth and changing eating habits of individuals has made bakery products popular.

Based on Research and Markets, the bakery business has achieved the third position in creating earnings among the processed food industry. The market size for the business creates the revenue US$7.6 billion. However, the shining star of this sector is the biscuit market.

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 Due to the low cost, it’s significantly more popular in every group. There are kinds of biscuits available on the current market, depending upon your preference you may opt any of these. Now low-calorie snacks are also available, which has increased its popularity.

But the per capita consumption of bakery products in India is just one to 2 kg per annum, which is relatively lower than the advanced countries where consumption is between 10 and 50 kg per annum. It follows our business still needs improvement. For this, bakers have introduced innovative ideas to reach each and every level of the market. Such as they’ve introduced three-dimensional cakes and theme based cakes to draw the consumer.