The conventional roof was made to lose water as speedily as you can from the roofing.  Unexpectedly, green roof actually holds water onto the roofing.  It might likewise make maintenance harder and will cost up to 50 percent more to put in.

Therefore why do you consider developing a green roof? What’s environmental roofing A green roofing (GR) supplies a base in addition to a structure by which specific Plant life can rise?  Recent GR advancement was invented in Germany.  Approximately 10 percent of those buildings in Germany are currently green.

The covering consists of layers, each layer meeting an alternative function.  The bottom layer sits on top of this substrate and gives a watertight seal to the construction.  This might come from the shape of metal tray roof or perhaps a synthetic membrane.  A drainage layer is inserted allowing water to flee the roofing, followed closely by means of a filter and also origin protection coating.

The main protection mechanism prevents plant growth by round the watertight membrane and resulting inflows.  The last coating is that the developing medium where the plant growth has been bedded.  Green or black “living roofs” could be broken up into three chief types.  Broad, Exotic and Exotic varied.

Broad green roof(which is also known as “หลังคา” in the Thai language) Extensive GR, (also referred to as ECO roof) is utilized to foster the development of mosses, grasses, and herbs.  The growing medium is relatively shallow with a thickness of between 60-200mm.