If you have become interested in purchasing an invisible fence for your dog, you could be confused about what the difference is between a wireless invisible fence and an in ground wired fence. There are definite differences between the two and you will need to know them before you decide which one to go with.

A wireless fence is fantastic if you have a flat yard with no obstructions. The wireless system provides a circular area of coverage so if you have an odd shape yard, it might not work as well as an in ground system. Also, metal buildings or other metal items could cause your dog to receive a static jolt even if he or she is within the boundary.

The best thing about an in ground invisible fence is that you can put the wire anywhere and it can be placed specifically where you want the boundaries to be. Little hills or slopes in your yard does not make a difference and coverage will not be interrupted because of a signal loss. Metal buildings or other metal items in your yard will not cause unnecessary jolts.

You can find some good information here about which brand of in ground invisible fence will work best for your yard and your particular dog. They can be purchased in different price ranges so you can choose which one suits your budget too.