Blank lines have been evolving over the years, we have come a long way from having multi-checkout line systems used by major banks. In today’s time, bank checkout lines use a much more streamlined and modern crowd control stanchions and barriers.

The Fast Moving World

Unlike other industries, the checkout lines at banks are an extremely important factor, as when people go to banks, they expect quick and precise service when dealing with their finances. This is not always easy to do as the pace at which people expect services is increasing contrariwise to people decreasing alleged free time in their busy days.

Crowd Control Stanchions

The crowd control philosophy has lead to the new rise of merchandising the checkout line. Using stanchion signs and things like a newspaper rack or magazine racks can be a great way to get useful literature into the hands of customers and patrons, or to convey specific messages of instructions.


The checkout lines are ever evolving, flowing with ideas and thoughts which lead to the rapid evolution of the banking. This fast-moving adoption of new crowd control techniques has lead to a massive convenience benefit to visitors, a trend that may hopefully find traction among other industries.