If you find that you’re having health issues in your home, there may be a few things you need to look for. Depending on your symptoms, there are multiple things that could be in your home. Aside from the normal allergens like dust, pet dander, and insects, there could also be a mold problem. Mold can give you quite a few respiratory problems.

Along with allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and a runny nose, you could also find yourself with a few unexplained symptoms. You could experience mood swings, appetite swings, and more. If you ever experience these, you may want to get a mold test. If you have mold, you could run an ozone generator to get rid of the spores in the air.

Damage Control 911 advises to use an ozone generator to keep the mold spores away from your lungs. Even though mold colonies produce these spores pretty constantly, you can run an ozone generator to kill the existing ones in the air.

Ozone is dangerous to humans and animals, though. Be sure to run the ozone generator in a sealed room without being inside the room. After five or six hours, you can turn the ozone generator off and reenter the room after another one or two hours.