Previous Golden Boy Promotions manager Richard Schaefer concurs with Oscar De La Hoya that the Canelo Alvarez versus Gennady Golovkin PPV needs no less than 3 months ideally 5 months to advance appropriately with the goal that it can boost income. Like De La Hoya, Schaefer isn't supportive of Golovkin taking a unification battle against WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders in June. 

Schaefer says if Golovkin takes that battle, it'll leave just 2 months to advance the Canelo-Golovkin battle before September. Schaefer doesn't see that as enough time to get the most cash out of the battle. Obviously, the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao battle just had 2 months to be advanced in 2015, and it got 4.3 million PPV purchases. In the event that a battle is sufficiently enormous, the boxing open will get some answers concerning it rapidly and will anxiously buy it. 

"I concur with Oscar on this. You can't advance a major pay-per-see on a month or 2 lead time," said previous Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schafer to about the Canelo versus Golovkin battle requiring no less than 3 months' to be advanced legitimately. "On the off chance that Triple G will battle in June in Kazakhstan, when he's recuperated up, you will have 2 months to advance for September. This is not how you amplify income. In the event that they can take a seat this end of the week and consent to terms for pay-per-see advancements for September, on the off chance that they can have an arrangement set up that is dependent upon Canelo beating Chavez, at that point they can begin that night in that spot in Vegas, they can begin the compensation per-see advancement," said Schaefer. 

On the off chance that you to censure somebody for the Canelo-Golovkin battle not having enough time, you can point fingers at Canelo and De La Hoya for taking a battle against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on May 6. There's just 1 month that isolates the date for Golovkin's proposed battle against Saunders in June and Canelo's battle against Chavez Jr. in May. There's just 4 months between Canelo's battle with Chavez Jr. what's more, the Golovkin battle. That implies when Canelo is recuperated from the conceivable wounds he manages in the Chavez Jr. battle, it could without much of a stretch be only 2 months to go before the Golovkin battle. 

On the off chance that Canelo endures a cut in the Chavez Jr. battle, which won't not be mended for 5-6 months relying upon how extreme it is. Canelo will have a higher possibility of being cut against Chavez Jr. than Golovkin will against Saunders as I would like to think, in light of the fact that the British warrior is to a greater degree a slapper than a puncher. Chavez Jr. has significantly more power than Saunders. Canelo's battle is the more dangerous one to the extent recuperation time goes for wounds. 

"Suppose they can have 4 to 5 months, that is the means by which you advance pay-per-see," said Schaefer. "On the off chance that Golovkin needs to go and battle in Kazakhstan, at that point don't go and reprimand Canelo and Oscar if this battle doesn't occur," said Schaefer.