Claustrophobia can be a crippling situation for people who experience it. It can seriously limit the tasks they do and the places they go. For others, they may not even realize that they are claustrophobic until something happens to trigger the condition. This was the case for me.

I never liked small, confined places, but never really had a problem until I was sent for an MRI last year. Even though the place I was sent did what are called "open MRIs", there is still a very small area enclosed on 3 sides and an open area on the 4th side.

 I might have been fine if I'd been able to face the open side, but due to the part of my analysis that was being scanned, I had to face into the giant MRI machine.You can navigate to if you wanna get over the fear of being stuck in confined spaces.

I moved into space without a dilemma and even allowed the technician to strap me in without a problem, but as the technician walked away and I started to realize how restricted I was, and that I couldn't move, I went into a panic.

The technician left me strapped in while he developed the scan pictures, just in case some needed to be redone. He came back into the room a short time later to tell me that none of the pictures was clear enough to send to my doctor, due to all the shaking. He was going to have to completely re-do the MRI.