The most common mechanical problem with the 98.5-2002 Dodge Cummins was failure of the Bosch Vp44 injection pump and lift pump.

Over the years these have been notorious for going out and costing consumers a lot of money, especially if you take your truck back to the dealer, repair cost usually average about $3000.

The most common mechanical failure of the VP44 pump is rupturing of the diaphragm in the front of the injection pump.

Dodge Diesel Performance Parts and Cummins Performance Parts also help to improve the performance of your vehicle. The diaphragm ruptures allowing the timing piston to vibrate and damage the front cover until fuel bypasses.

This will cause the dreaded check engine trouble code P0216. When this occurs your Bosch VP44 Injection Pump must be replaced. The rupturing of the diaphragm is caused by a poorly designed lift pump.

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After the elevator pump doesn’t provide the Injection pump with the suitable quantity of Gas Stress (at the minimum of 5psi below load at wide open throttle) the diaphragm subsequently does not have sufficient favorable strain and ruptures.

Dodge has acknowledged this problem since they’ll no longer even market the elevator pump which goes on the face of the block, so they replace it with a device that’s currently mounted in the tank. The normal price of getting the elevator pump set in the tank is roughly $800.

The next most popular mechanical collapse of this VP44 is the rotor seizes in the mind of the pump. This may be donated into the elevator pump not supplying enough fuel into the injection pump.

Diesel Gas is used as a lubricant, therefore whenever there’s an insufficient quantity of fuel that the rotor doesn’t become compacted correctly. If the rotor seizes the vehicle won’t start and the VP44 Injection Vacuum has to be substituted.