Urinary incontience is simply defined as the loss of bladder control in an individual. This condition can happen at any age regardless of gender or ethnicity. This can be an extremely embarrassing problem and drastically reduce the quality of life for the individuals who suffer from it. Some cases may only be slight leakages while others can be a complete empting of the bladder at an unexpected moment. If you notice urine leakage happen at any time, whether you're coughing or just sitting in a chair, you have a bladder problem that needs to be treated. 

When it come to treating the symptoms of bladder problems, Flotrol does take care of these symptoms. However, it does so by treating the root cause of the condition. Any good bladder control supplement should be targeting the root cause of the urinary incontinence issue as by treating the root, you can stop the symptoms all togther. Never go for a supplement that simpy treats that symptoms as you will not be able to completely stop the problem without treating the root cause of it. The makers of Flotrol know that weak bladder muscles and an overactive detrusor muscle are the two main reasons that people experience urinary issues. This is why this supplement is formulated to treat these two specific bladder problems.