With so many eyewear choices it can be difficult to know what eyewear frames and styles are best for you. Considerations such as face shape, personality, lifestyle, and coloring are all factors when it comes to choosing the right eyewear whether you wear fashion eyewear, designer eyewear, nonprescription eyewear, prescription eyewear, sports eyewear, children’s eyewear or discount eyewear.

When purchasing your eyewear frames you’ll want to find something which complements your face shape, lifestyle, and personality especially if you’re going to be wearing your eyewear on a daily basis.

First off you would like to find out your face shape and coloring some tips for finding the best eyewear frames may include; your eyewear frames should contrast with your face shape; your eyewear frame size should be in scale with your face size; your eyewear should replicate your best attribute, an example would be blue eyes with blue frames.

There are seven basic face shapes to consider when purchasing eyewear frames they comprise:

The round face, to make face look thinner and more you should try angular narrow eye wear eyeglasses using a clear bridge (rectangular frames work);

   oval face (the most balanced proportions of all faces) pick eyewear frames that are as wide as the broadest part of the face;

  the oblong face which is longer than it is broad, to make face appear shorter try frames with decorative temples or which have a top to bottom depth;

  base up triangle which has a broad upper half and a smaller bottom half, select frames that are smaller at the bottom with light colors and materials or rimless eyewear frame styles;

 base down triangle is a triangular face that has a narrow forehead that widens at cheek and chin area, cat eye frames o greatly emphasized frames with detailing on top half;

Next, you may want to determine your personal coloring, everyone is either warm (yellow based) or cool (blue based). It’s a fact that you look best on your own color, with this said your eyewear frames should match your personal coloring. The best way to ascertain your coloring is by your skin.