You made a mistake, and at this point, you just want to make things right. You're thinking of throwing yourself at the mercy of the court – big mistake.

Why? While you want to make amends and see justice done, you also don't need to be treated like a second-class citizen. You still have rights as an accused individual. Get a lawyer. Here's why:

It used to be that hiring a lawyer for this sort of thing would result in you being able to plea to a lesser charge, pay a fine, and be on your way. Not anymore. All 50 states have passed "per se" laws. If you are searching for a drunken drive lawyer then have a look at this site:

These laws prevent you from plea-bargaining. If your blood alcohol level is over.08, you're automatically guilty of DUI. The breathalyzer is all the police need to convict you. The court hearing is just a formality.

Your permit together with nearly surely is revoked.  In 41 countries, there's definitely an administrative license suspension law that effectively avoids the requirement for a consultation to induce one to reverse your permit.   Refusing the simply take the exam usually means your license is immediately confiscated and also revoked.  These laws are unpleasant, and permit your driver's permit to be suspended within an administrative sanction. 

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That really is before you get to court. In the event, the police pull over you, and manage an examination, as well as your BAC is equal or greater too.08, it's throughout. When driving while drunk was not awful enough, the court could boost your sentence when you own any prior offenses, even in the event that you caused some property damage, in the event that you hurt somebody while intoxicated, or in the event, you jeopardized a kid. 

When there weren't any aggravating conditions, a lawyer may possibly actually have the ability to assist you to mitigate the damage. In the event that you truly are innocent, then a fantastic DUI lawyer will probably be in a position to have the charges dropped. 

But in the event that you did actually neglect the sobriety test since you were drunk, then a lawyer will assist you to get ready for that court proceeding.  They could also assist you to have files that are important, as an sr 22 insurance records.  The attorney may record most of the right forms for your benefit with the department of automobiles.

Finally, your attorney may be able to help you complete an alcohol education and treatment program required by your state in order to regain your driving privileges.

Basically, your attorney can't get your sentence reduced, but he can guide you through the process and help you reestablish your former life – well not exactly your former life. He'll help you establish a better life. One that doesn't involve you going back to court.