seo companies fredericksburg vaThe real currency of the internet is actually link building.

Wikipedia describes links as “the currency of the world wide web”.  Everyone’s experience on the internet depends on a click.

Every action starts with a click too. The way search engines work are by determining placements in organic results based on links.

Therefore, quality links make search engine spiders happy. In return, your website gets higher search engine ranking.

Links that go from another site to yours are known as backlinks as the links are point back to your pages. Building high quality backlinks to your site can help to improve your website’s overall SEO.

Seo Link Building Strategy

Here are some of the proven methods that have worked for many professional Fredericksburg SEO companies to build quality backlinks to their website.

1. Build a network of quality inbound links on your site. If the inbound links uses your keyword as an anchor text, it will be even better.

2. Build links from sites related to your niche. These links are high quality votes for your site.

3. Always take a lookout to link to high ranking sites. The goal here is to try and link to sites with good content.

4. The age of your inbound links matters. Older links get better ratings in general.

5. The origin of your inbound links will make a difference. Sites with high authority are considered more influential. Links from edu and gov sites generally give you a higher ranking than normal sites as they can influence your importance in the search engines.

6. You can embed your links in content anywhere. One great place is a niche related forum for example. Signatures are always a great place to place your links. If you are offering valuable contribution, you build your credibility when people spread the word and link to you.

7. Try to write articles and circulate ebooks with embedded links within the content. This way, your links go viral when the ebook is being distributed.

8. Look into syndicating articles at Ezinearticles, Goarticles or even iSnare. Articles sites actually rank highly and tend to send highly qualified traffic. On the other hand, you can also submit articles to industry news sites to get your articles known to the public.

9. Press release.  Send out well written press releases to popular press release centers such as PRWEB. Some press releases get picked up by other press centers to get syndicated.

10. Try leaving comments on blogs that are related to your industry. This will encourage direct traffic and instantly increase your credibility.

Link Building Strategy

Link building strategy takes time to be established so just remember to be patient and before you know it, you will see the effects of your link building strategy.