You're one of those people who discovered that building/buying and selling properties can be lucrative. Now, you're ready to sell the first house you ever built for a good price. It just had a makeover, so you know you could pull in a good price for the property. There's a catch, though. What is it?

Well, no matter how good a property is, if you don't know whom to sell it to, you can never expect to sell property fast. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to identify the people who can be suitable buyers of the property. Who are these people? 

Well, there are companies that actually buy houses. They would advertise "we buy houses cash" to entice sellers with the prospect of easy money. You just need to be thorough when searching for one, because as much as possible, you only want to deal with legitimate companies. 

Next, you could go looking for people with money. Never waste your time selling a property to those you think don't have the financial capacity to do so. Third, sell to those who have the power or authority in the household. Finally, you should consider people who have the need for the property. Baiting these people in will enable you to seal a business deal really quick.