Deciding on the best dog for your lifestyle is a bit of a challenge. Our lives are quite busy and as adults we have formed our own views on how we want to live and what we need in our lives.

Dogs on the other hand demand a bit more consideration as they do need more space, time, and general care.

The intent of this post will be to alert you to some of the sorts of breeds there are and how their demands might fit into your lifestyle.

The first thing we will consider is "apartment living and the dog."

Granted there are many flats that won't enable a dog for reasons that are obvious. Some dog owners who aren't responsible have made it nearly impossible for the responsible dog owner to find a place to dwell.

Animal shelters are filled with dogs that their owners have either left or have turned over to the shelter because they cannot keep them in an apartment. One can visit to get more details about Jack Russell Terriers.

It is extremely difficult to keep a barking dog in an apartment. It is equally unjust to keep a big dog that does not get it and needs lots of exercise, from tearing up the carpet or mastication on the woodwork out of sheer boredom. If you live in an apartment and want a dog there are certain breeds that make great apartment dogs. Some dogs covertly desire to become "couch Potatoes" and would love living in an apartment or condominium.