The letters KVM actually stand for ‘Keyboard’, ‘Video monitor’ and ‘Mouse’. A KVM extender is truly a very useful item. They’re utilized to solve problems with the positioning of your PC.

A KVM extender will allow you to have your computer base (or central processor unit (CPU)) in one room and the screen and mouse in a different and there are many reasons you might want to do this.

A PC is noisy and gives off heat, so in case you want to use your computer in a quiet working environment such as a small office, an extender permits you to do this without having to put up with the background noise due to the whirring discs and lovers. If you are interested to know more about KVM Extenders click here KVM Extenders.

PC’s are valuable items and often have a sensitive company or personal data. Locking the PC off and having just the KVM available, protects both your investment and your information.

kvm extenders

A computer base is quite bulky and requires space on or under a desk. KVM extenders are routinely used in situations such as bank counters, where PC access is needed but space is at a premium.

A PC is actually quite a sensitive machine. If you work in a cold, dirty or wet environment it is obviously not great for your PC. Nevertheless, in some situations, you will need to get a PC from these types of places, so it makes sense to site the CPU in a clean environment where it’s protected and where you can expect it to operate correctly. Using the extender permits you to retain access to the computer from where you need to.

Another advantage is that they work faithfully and you will only have one cable to run between the PC and the KVM making the cabling tidy and very straightforward. There is a wide variety of cables available with us click here to purchase them Cables.

If you need to position your CPU away from your computer keyboard and mouse for any reason then a KVM extender is the solution.