Yoga can be intensely rewarding and invigorating. A new kind of yoga could be a breath of fresh air because every style has its own advantages and rewards.

If you're searching for a new challenge or a change of routine, why not dip your feet in a new type of yoga? Our NY yoga classes are held in our places at Cicero. If you want to join yoga classes in cicero ny go to web.

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If you have mastered the speed and vitality of Vinyasa yoga, why don't you turn your focus on the healing stillness of Yin?

If you love Hatha, why don't you see what our Nidra practice can do?

Each of our courses brings their own set of challenges and rewards so if you're searching for something fresh to revitalize your enthusiasm for yoga, continue reading below to find the perfect one for you.


Hatha yoga is where all other forms derive from, but contemporary Hatha courses are based on the preservation and care of the body that carries our immaterial self. Movements transition gently, and this is an excellent style to begin your yoga journey. If you are comfortable with yoga and you have focussed on a faster-pace type of yoga before, Hatha can provide a centering escape for you to collect your inner awareness with every pose. By turning your attention inwards and using the course to stretch deeper in your muscles, it is also possible to immerse yourself deeper into the psychological respite of yoga.