Probably the most important addition to any man’s wardrobe is the T-shirt; there are so many styles available that it can be difficult to know just what you should be aiming for when buying men’s t-shirts. Here we discuss some t-shirt style tips and fashion advice to help men understand the considerations they should be making when buying this particular item of clothing.

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We can look at t-shirts in their basic form, and enable you to determine how you can decide on a style that suits your unique preferences. When worn appropriately, a t-shirt has the capacity to complete attire, making the difference between a good look and a great look. Looking good is the order of your day in modern-day societies, and the t-shirt can go quite a distance to causing you to feel positive and stylish in the clothes you wear.


First of all, and the t-shirt selection of the recent geek-chic fashion movements, will be the Granddad or Y-neck kinds. These jumpers frequently have several buttons working down from a V-neck; otherwise, they could simply collapse over. They are a fantastic choice for fellas who like the split look, as the control keys can be exposed to disclose a vest or a necktie. This form of t-shirt is commonly worn only by men who are highly assured in their sense of style.

Secondly, the V-neck, these have a plunging neck line that finishes just above the chest in a V-shape. They are incredibly fashionable, but a word of warning, if you are new to the world of fashion, and then opt for a shallow plunge; deeper necks are the reserve of the more experienced fashionable men. Again, this style of men’s t shirt is fantastic for use when layering.