There are lots of reasons for hair loss in men and women and since there is a range of causes, in addition, there are a variety of hair loss medicines for men and females available.

The usual reason for hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia (men ) which may also be called DHT Hair Loss. If testosterone, the male hormone, has converted into DHT, it contributes to baldness. 

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Apart from Anti-Androgen Medicine, there are quite a few Herbal Nutritional Supplements available that contain natural compounds for blocking this transformation into DHT by the human body and have the ability to look after baldness.

The active ingredients of nutritional supplements are organic herbal, vitamin, and mineral DHT inhibitors.

The frequent hair care remedies available for females to hair care include shampoos, conditioners, whereas baldness Re-growth therapy with Anti-Androgens and topical therapy using Rogaine are the only available options for female hair thinning.

There are lots of limits of this anti-androgen treatment, and the topical medication Rogaine that's significantly more successful in preventing additional hair loss instead of stimulating hair growth is very expensive and takes a long length of therapy (from 6 weeks to a year).

Anyway, the results obtained following a longer duration of use disappear after the treatment is stopped.

In situations like this, it's ideal to learn more about the organic skincare secrets provided by lots of Natural Herbal Supplements as well as also the Nutritional Health Vitamin supplements.