Neck pain or Cervicalgia is a common disorder inflicting two-thirds of the world population. The area affected by pain in the lower neck region and upper back region. This area bears and supports the load on our head. The top three joints in the neck are responsible for the maximum and flexible movement of neck and head.

One of the first things to do to stop neck pains is to relieve tension and stress. You can also try sleeping with a pillow which keeps your neck in the correct position.

Neck braces like a soft collar, Philadelphia collar, halo, stereo-occipital device are often given to patients. These braces support the spine, compensate for neck muscle weakness, and also keep the neck in a proper position as is required. To know more about Neck braces you can check out this source- Head and Neck Braces – The Ultimate Support and Protection | TryaBrace.


If you spend time in front of a computer monitor, make sure you are set to view the screen at eye-level; this reduces the need for you having to bend your neck. If you need to spend a good deal of time on the phone, opt for a headset or speakerphone rather than bending your neck to use the phone at work.

Don’t bend your neck if you don’t have to and work in as neutral a position as possible while working, and make sure your neck is properly supported while sleeping. It is really better to stop pains before they can occur, by doing whatever is necessary.