Web UPS provide superior electrical efficiency, durability and reliability and are acceptable for powering loads which range from critical document servers and telecoms PBXs to entire industrial manufacturing websites and data centres.

There three key kinds of static UPS are Online, Offline and Line-Interactive, which differ in their capacity to do such essential purposes and vary in the level of security and amount of power security they provide.

UPS Design

Line-Interactive or offline UPS contain inverters which are not as complicated and are simply utilized in silent mode, willing to furnish the strain if mains power fails or changes out its preset input signal voltage and frequency window. The sophisticated Tank kind is what’s employed at a just offline ‘UPS’ (Which is also known as ‘เครื่องสำรองไฟ‘ in the Thai language ).Image result for upsRectifiers

Rectifiers could generate a superior degree of harmonics, determined by the design, method of performance and kind of UPS. The outcome of this booster-converter also protects the battery collection.

Battery Sets

A UPS battery collection is sized at Watts. It supplies a dc source, on mains power source failure, to the retina. The duration of time an inverter works on batteries is popularly understood as battery run time ‘,”freedom’ or”back up time’.


These filters vary from sophistication and usage over the 3 stationary uninterruptible power supply topologies.

UPS Topologies

Anon the internet or Double Conversion UPS preserves frequency and voltage variations within prescribed constraints, therefore, an output signal is different from distribution fluctuation.


UPS accessories consist of external maintenance bypasses, which allow care to be completed without interruption to the strain, parallel fittings, used to realize high degrees of operating durability and battery expansion packs, and which provide an easy and more convenient means to improve elongated runtime.