Instead of throwing a wooden pallet you should reuse them as an attractive shelf, coffee table, cabinets, sofa, chairs, and bed bases and much other furniture for your home. Outside they can be used as garden furniture, decking, and even a swing seat.

All it takes is a few nails and a hammer and possibly a saw. The wooden slats can be taken apart and reassembled or used just as they are. You can choose high-quality wooden pallets from

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You need to be alert, however, as this palette is sometimes used to carry harmful chemicals. It is wise to check where wood pallets you have come from and what it is used for.

Always fully wash it with washing water and allow drying completely before using it in your home. If you are not sure of its origin you would be wise to close the timber with a layer of varnish or paint.

There are the other household items that can be reused so let’s look at some of them. Instead of wasting your aluminum cans in the recycling bin why not them well as thorough clean pots.

With plants and removal of labels, a quick lick of paint would transform it into an attractive waterproof container for your plants. They can also be turned into a storage container for things like pens and pencils or a cooking appliance.

Another item that is often put out for recycling is an empty wine bottle. While the majority of the dull shape of some very unusual and can be put to good use as a candle holder or even the basis for a lampshade.