In late decades, with all the Hot dip galvanized steel frame quality continues to improve, Hot dip ‘galvanized steel frame’ (also known as ‘โครงเหล็ก ชุบกัลวาไนซ์‘ in the Thai language) coating quality has already been significantly enhanced.

But to generate automotive panels together with surface-free Hot dip stainless steel plate remains still a wonderful issue. Mechanical scrapes along with other substrate defects can easily be observable through the coat.

Substrate Scrapes:

Substrate scrapes are scrapes on the face of cold-rolled substrates because of firming or rolling. Since the zinc-iron reaction speed at the substrate scrape is somewhat higher than the ordinary surface, the flaws on the parasite will grow more conspicuous after Hot dip galvanizing.

By bolstering the method on the caliber of the review, can remove the ruptured strand to the line.

Sink Roll Scratches

Sunken roller scrapes the strip from this zinc kettle onto the plank following the irregular or continuous strip of roller prints, even when the roller will be milder without a handle might be calm, in the event the texture had been scraped only conduct waste disposal, then If stop such as roster.

It’s thought that the cause of this collapse is the fact that the rate between your strip and the underwater roller differs, and also the roller machine doesn’t turn or melts, so your strip is directly in connection with the roller. The strip is scraped from the roster surface.

The cause of this happening is multi-faceted, as the submerged roller at the zinc kettle of zinc within this distinctive locale, no transmitting equipment, however, a driven steering, completely through the procedure section of this strain and friction spinning.

Because of this, it’s the end result of a single or common effect by factors like mechanical structure specificity, production process controller, setup and application of submerged rolls.