The real movies will ever have thoroughly detailed back stories for all of the major characters. The further detail the author and producer put into each personality, the additional likely the public will get absorbed into the story and start worrying about the plot's result.

Everybody we communicate with on a regular basis – whether they are minor children, grown adults, or an aged person – has a quite long and complete life story.If you also want to become a successful screenwriter then you can visit for more information related to screenwrting contests.

Clearly, the beloved a person is the more of a fantasy they'll have to tell. Acknowledging the amount of information concerning a person's history, it's unworkable for a writer to try to cram all of it into the screenplay. Rather of trying to give a detailed account of a person's history, a writer is much better off sending details that pertain directly to the screenplay's storyline – nothing more, nothing limited.

Let’s say the chief character has entered a local cake baking competition. Through indirect information sources, old friends, and people who live out-of-town, it is revealed that the man was a master baker at one time in his life. That knowledge would be pertinent to the story and worthwhile for the public to learn.

But what if the man was a former coin collector before he moved to town? Would that play any role in the telling of his story? More than likely not, and to convey such unrelated information would confuse your audience and muddy up the story.