Being secure is a state of mind that we yearn for and we do all we can in our homes to protect our families and property. Therefore at home, we’ll generally have a fire extinguisher on hand ready for any emergency. Should that kitchen or garage fire begin, we’re prepared to put it out or at least block it so families out can get out.

There are various types of extinguishers on the market today. You can check this website for more information – The National Fire Protection Association ( Obviously, you’re interested in a small and compact version for the auto fire extinguisher.

Extinguishers come as multi-purpose and are classed as type A, B or C. Class A extinguishes fires that involve agents such as wood, paper, and cardboard. Choosing the right kind of Fire Extinguisher Design(which is also known as ” ออกแบบระบบดับเพลิง in the Thai language )  will depend on the type of fire you will likely need for fire protection system.

A car fire extinguisher is not tough to use. Remember the word PASS and you will remember how to use a fire extinguisher.

P – Pull the pin. This will release the locking device and will let you discharge the extinguisher.

A – Aim at the base of fire, not in flames. Very critical – if you want the flame to go out, an individual should extinguish fuel.

S – Squeeze lever really slowly. Squeezing it slow will let the extinguish contents. Continue to squeeze handle not to halt the release.

S – Sweep extinguisher from side to side. Use a sweeping motion and move the extinguisher back and forth until the fire is completely out. Do not get too close to the flame and operate at a safe distance, a few feet from the fire, and then move into the fire as soon as it starts to lessen. Make sure you study the instructions on the extinguisher because different extinguishers give different recommended operating distances.