Sterilization is an extremely effective and permanent method of birth control for both women and men.  Essentially, sterilization is a lifelong process of contraception for both women and men.  It’s quite effective to prevent the marriage of the male sperm with the female egg and therefore prevent pregnancy. Essure lawsuits provide the legal information related to ill effects of sterilization in a female.

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Generally, this process is safe and free of problems.  Sterilization in men is named Vasectomy whereas, in women, it’s named Tubectomy.  Sterilization ought to be considered a once and for all process.  It’s not reversible.

Through it’s safer process for men than women, yet more women are sterilized than men since it’s the girls that bear the effect of pregnancy.  Scientists are currently developing sterilization methods which don’t involve surgery.

Governments of many countries are encouraging such performance and offering several incentives as a component of birth control measures.  There’s now such a wide assortment of family planning methods that many couples need to be able to find at least one that fulfill their needs.

Tubectomy is the surgical procedure where the female fallopian tubes are cut to prevent future pregnancies in girls.  This process of sterilization involves closing off both fallopian tubes so that ova can’t travel into the uterus.  It follows that the woman can’t get pregnant.

But she still has the menstrual period and can enjoy sex in precisely the identical manner that she did before she had been sterilized.  She still ovules normally, but the egg is absorbed by the body rather than being shed during the period.  This procedure is also quite simple now.