Australia is a country with beaches on all four sides of it, and the best way for you to enjoy the approaching summers is to go to the beach. However, for ladies, it seems to be a challenge to find suitable swimwear for them. So, for all those women with an hourglass figure, or a curvy body, here are some types of swimwear they can rock.


  • One piece swimsuits

One piece swimsuits have made a comeback in recent years, and the best part about them is that they suit an hourglass figure more than anyone else. You can now find a great variety of one piece swimwear Australia easily, and can choose your favourite from a range of styles, colours and sizes. This helps to bring out your curves in all the right places, bringing a modern elegance to your look.

  • Clean bottoms

For curvy women, designers suggest that to keep the emphasis off the heavier parts in a two-piece bikini, it is ideal to go for a simple bottom, with any extra fabric in the form of bows, frills or other styling options. In fact, it may also be a good idea to go for a bottom without any prints, or with a minimal geometric pattern on it. This helps in preventing you from looking any bulkier.

  • Go retro

Going retro is perhaps the best way to show off your hourglass figure without looking chubby. Find a two-piece bikini with a high waist bottom, which allows you to accentuate your figure, although this is not highly recommended for women of a shorter height.

Make sure you choose the swimwear that works best for you and rock your beach look.