When someone gets infected with Mycobacterium leprae, it contributes to leprosy. The leprosy-causing bacteria require a very long time to multiply and that’s the reason why symptoms appear slowly. Normally leprosy symptoms appear five to seven years after a person has been infected.

The term leper comes from a Greek phrase meaning scaly. About one-third of the planet’s population is infected with tuberculosis, even though the disease is latent because the immune system is usually able to control the Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. 

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An early indication of leprosy is typically a place on the skin which could be slightly redder, darker, or lighter than the individual’s normal skin. The spot may shed feeling and hair. In some individuals, the only sign is tingling in a finger or toe.

Untreated leprosy can cause some very serious problems with the nerves and skin. Leprosy bacteria attack the nerves in the feet and hands and cause them to become numb. It may also attack the nerves around the eye and damage to the inner lining of the nose.