New Journey in Digital Transcription

Business and Management

Working from my own home has been a goal of mine for some time now. Finding a legitimate, rewarding career that can fulfill this, however, has been the trick. Mindlessly pushing buttons or plodding through the day in a job that doesn’t catch my imagination was just not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I needed an occupation that not only feels interesting and challenging to me, but also actually gives something back to society. Is there such a thing? In talking to a recent friend, she mentioned digital transcription and how she was finding it the perfect at-home career.

The thought of digital transcription was intriguing to me and so I started doing research for digital transcription companies online. Wow, what I found sounds exactly like what I was hoping to find work from home jobs. I am very impressed. Being a part of the growing medical industry is an exciting prospect. Along with an interesting and rewarding career, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that a person’s medical records are clear and correct. I have had some experience with medical facilities due to the fact that my oldest daughter had cancer when she was just 7 months old. At the time all medical terms might as well have been…well, Greek! Some health challenges of my own have also left me lost many times in regards to knowing what is going on. From these experiences I realize not only how essential the medical industry is to our quality of life but also that having an accurate medical file is truly imperative. Oh…and I am thrilled today to say my daughter is thriving!

I believe digital transcription will be a career where I can be challenged and grow while contributing to the vital medical community. The independence that comes through working from home, the flexibility of my hours and the feeling of accomplishment that I believe this career will provide are exhilarating prospects to me. As a registered transcriptionist, I will enter the field with enthusiasm looking forward to the day when I can become a Certified transcriptionist. I envision myself being well rounded in the field but maybe focusing on two or three disciplines and excelling in those areas. Furthering my education in this rapidly changing field would also be a priority. Independent contracting, sub-contracting, business ownership: this seems to be a career choice that is only limited by my imagination. The possibilities I see for myself in this career are endless.

First, however, I must get myself the knowledge and become registered. After extensive digital transcription research online, I found Future MT and have decided that this course seems to have the best combination of education, support, course material, employment search support and cost. In word: value! Am I nervous? Yes, I am a bit – it is a lot of information to learn. It is a big step to take; one that I believe will be life changing. However, my interest and enthusiasm to do this far outweigh any tentative concerns. I also feel with the live online support and guarantees that this course offers I have no need for worry. I feel that applying myself to the course study and being able to do so at a pace that matches my learning speed is going to be the key for success. I am truly excited about starting my new journey down this path to a career in the digital transcription industry.

How Reliable Are Digital Transcription Salaries?

Marketing and Advertising

Digital transcription salaries are above most home based careers when it comes to real dollars terms. When it comes to reliability, it depends on what you are looking at. Whether or not you are paid the right amount on the right payment day is a commercial situation that depends very much on the business that hires you.

What you can be assured of is that if that business has been around for some time, then it must be fairly reliable. There are so many opportunities around now that a digital transcriptionist will not stay with businesses that are unreliable. Will you get paid the right amount and on time? If you are employed by a reputable business then it is fair to assume yes.

When talking of the reliability of digital transcription salaries when it comes to continuity of employment – again the answer has to be yes. The demand for digital transcription services is growing, not declining so once you develop a reputation for being efficient, accurate and on time – you will never be short of work.

There is one area where you could question the reliability of digital transcription salaries and that revolves around the type of jobs being transcribed. Radiology for example often require very fast turnarounds. These jobs often pay a little more than standard jobs.

Your own experience will also have an impact on digital transcription salaries. This is all to the good however. As you gain experience you can expect to see your salary rise. In this situation, your digital transcription salaries are not reliable – but then, when they are going up, you don’t want them to be. That’s what makes it a great profession to be in!