There are many reasons why telescopic ladders are better than traditional wooden or metallic ladders for both domestic and commercial DIY activities. Firstly, they are compact and these days people prefer compact stuff that do not take up too much space. Space is an issue to everyone these days and if something requires plenty of space for storage then it drops in value as people would opt to stay away from them.

A telescopic ladder does not take much space as it is compact and extends to a level determined by the user as and when necessary. This is perhaps the main reason people are now preferring telescopic ladders over the rest of ladder types. Secondly, telescopic ladders are factory assembled which means no further assembly is needed upon purchase. This is a great reward for those DIY enthusiasts who do not like to spend time assembling or fixing their tools because they believe their time is better spent on actual activities these tools were initially bought for.

These are the two main reasons why a 3.8m telescopic ladder continues to prove to be a better option for any user regardless of their age or gender. This is because every member of the family now engages in DIY activities as opposed to restricting it to the male gender as was previously the case.