Investors are really optimistic about the property market in Thailand, which is unusually buoyant considering the current global economic situation.

There are two main reasons for this – one is related directly to the Thai population, of which around one third is aged between twenty-four and forty-four, an ideal demographic for a healthy domestic housing market. The second is that, although foreign speculation is progressively growing, Thai real estate is still a fairly untapped market with huge potential. buying property in Thailand gives outstanding value for money, with a chance to make solid financial returns. In addition, the standard of Thai property is extremely high, with talented Thai architects and reputable building companies able to design and build beautiful, world class housing and commercial buildings that still retain a distinctly Thai appearance. Many offer complete, end-to-end construction services which make buying property in Thailand less stressful and overall more attractive.

And as Thailand seems to be improving from recent political uncertainty, the demand for Thai real estate looks likely to surge.

Foreigners in particular, are rapidly determining that Thailand is not only a great place to invest their hard earned cash, but also an excellent place in which to live or retire. Tourists to Thailand often become so enchanted with their Thai holiday resort that they choose to build or buy their own luxury Thai villa.

 They are enticed by the terrific Thai climate, the great standard of living and outdoor lifestyle, the outstanding facilities and infrastructure and the friendliness of Thai locals. Many regard a move to Thailand as a complete lifestyle change and look at their new Thai villa as somewhere to enjoy living either now or in retirement, perhaps renting it out on the Thai holiday rental market in the meantime.