Discover how the modern mobile phone arrived at what it is now when compared to its previous versions. Be able to wisely choose the current popular mobile phones knowing the multitude of features of these phones.

Communication has evolved rapidly over the years. The phone was reaching great heights, but there was one thing that stopped it. This was due to being connected to a telephone line at all times, so it is impossible to take it anywhere you can go. Therefore, the invention of the mobile phone, otherwise it is called cell phone or cell phone for short.

Mobile phones certainly caused a sensation when they were released to the public. People could not leave their phones to receive calls from other people. They brought their mobile phones to any place with signal coverage to make and receive urgent phone calls or even just to have a conversation. Having a cell phone is a luxury. After all, people like to chat. Previous versions of mobile phones allowed the user to call another mobile phone user anytime and anywhere. It was practical.

Soon, new mobile phones have been developed to further improve communication. These mobile phones were equipped with Short Messaging Service, or SMS, which allowed mobile phone users to compose written texts and send them to other people, who in turn can read these messages on the screen of their mobile phone. This revolutionized a new communication trend.

The parts of the communication involve a sender, a message and a recipient. Modern phones with text messaging functions respect this principle with precision. The only different factor with traditional communication to text messages is that traditional conversations integrate feelings with their messages. Each time a person speaks, their voice, tone and tone can be methods to express their feelings. With text messages, the message is purely insipid, although later people have developed emoticon creation styles, which are essentially a group of letters, numbers or symbols that represent faces that express different emotions.

Mobile phones have rapidly developed the multimedia messaging service, which allows sending and receiving photos, videos and music files. Soon, a host of other features were added, including GPRS, WAP and EDGE, which were mainly used to access the Internet via mobile phone.

With the incorporation of cameras, built-in MP3 players and wireless connectivity, such as infrared and Bluetooth technology, mobile phones slowly became multi-user multimedia devices. They even rival the functionality of the digital camera and the MP3 player. It's no wonder that sales of these devices have declined as sales have dramatically increased.

Cell phones are changing faster every time. The current selection of mobile phones mainly incorporates 3G technology and wireless Internet access. In addition to the usual text messages and voice calls, you now have the opportunity to see the person you are talking to with this 3G technology. Talk about a great leap in the field of communication!

If you plan to buy a popular cell phone, take the time to learn the variety of options first. Basically, there are three types of cell phones in the market today. The first is the combined basic budget. It has all the basic functions you can expect from a mobile phone, minus flashy gadgets and features. Basically they are simple text messages and call mobile phones. The second is the multimedia phone. It always has the basic function of call and text, as well as hardware devices such as cameras, wireless connectivity and more powerful speakers for music. Some also incorporated the radio as an additional feature. The third type of cell phone is the smartphone. Generally, it is intended for business people on the move. Features include a full QWERTY keyboard, named after the first sequence of letters on the computer keyboard. The smartphone has all the advanced features, considering its very high cost. These features include wireless Internet connection and browsing.