Should Homeowners Utilize Water Supply Service for Filling Up Their Swimming Pool?

Is utilizing water supply service necessary for filling up a pool with water? Let us look at few details which would provide you insight into the appropriateness of this option when you want to fill water in your new pool.

Water Supply Services and the Task of Filling Up a Swimming Pool

Let us first start by examining few details of how to calculate the volume of your swimming pool.water supply

Swimming Pool Volume

It is pretty easy to calculate the volume of a swimming pool by using a formula. Basically, you will have to multiply surface measurements with an average depth of your pool to arrive calculate the volume of water it will be able to hold. Let us delve into the details here.
  • If you have a rectangle pool then its volume in gallons would be Average Depth X Width X Length X 7.5
  • If you have a round pool then its volume in gallons would be Average Depth X Width X Length X 5.9

Filling Up a Swimming Pool

There are two options when you want to fill up your new pool, use water from house water supply or utilize a water supply service. You can fill up the pool through the first method using your garden hose but, it will take a long time to fill the pool this way. In addition to it, you will have to consult pool builder to check whether it will be ok to fill up the pool gradually over a period of several hours.

Should You Use a Water Delivery Service?

There are several advantages of using a water supply service which is why they are considered a popular option for filling up a pool. In this section, we will look at what those positive points are.
Greater Convenience: By utilizing a water supply service you will be able to relieve yourself from the headache of having to sit around for hours and wait for the garden hose to fill up the pool. 
By using a water delivery service you will be able to start using your pool almost instantly. Moreover, the pool builder may well make arrangements for delivery of chlorinated water so that it becomes a completely effortless task.
Better Option: If you are using well water then filling up the pool using such type of water will not be the right option. It is quite possible that you will end up without any water while the pool is still half empty.
Check for Leaks: When a water truck quickly fills up your pool using multiple hoses, it becomes easier to spot the leaks. 
Your water delivery expert will be able to easily spot this type of problem and shut the system up well before your home gets flooded due to the leak.

The Conclusion

We can conclude here by saying that in several aspects utilizing water supply service for filling up your pool proves to be a better option in comparison to using city water and your garden hose.