A process innovation is one that significantly changes the speed, the cost, and/or an aspect of the quality of the process or service, and has the potential to change the competitive landscape

Innovation is very important since it’s directly related to productivity. There are a number of factors for increasing productivity, innovation apart from these. If you want more information about the innovation management system, you can browse the web.

Due to lack of sustained innovation in an environment, expansion in labor-based economies will experience steady decline. A number of industries are important for necessary growth of a country such as telecom, mining, construction, and manufacturing industries. By increasing innovative processes in each field, economic prosperity of a nation can be increased.

Process innovation also requires getting close to the customers or people doing the work.

To be able to create or develop more innovative work processes, you must go to the work. You must go and watch the work flow in order to understand the processes and the problems that workers grapple with. You must see for yourself in order to envision a better product or process.

Along the same lines, simply asking customers what they “think they need” or what they want is simply not going to be enough. They cannot innovate for you – you must go and watch them use your product to really understand the market.

Finally, when striving to increase an organisation’s innovation level, it is also important to recognise that outsiders often come up with the best innovations, because they have no ties to the status quo.