Electric motors used in every side of modern living. Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, fans, and a large number of other appliances and devices all use electric motors.

Electrical motors will also be responsible for a big part of industrial processes. Electric motors are used at some stage in the production process of virtually every conceivable product that’s made in modern factories. These days, electric motors are located everywhere in commercial facilities and industrial plants, where they pump fans, compressors, and exhausts in addition to manufacturing assembly equipment.

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Industrial electric motors are relevant components so as to convert electric energy into mechanical energy. They work after magnetic fields interact with conductors that carry current. By means of a generator, the procedure might be reversed, that is, mechanical energy is converted into electric energy.

There’s a good deal of electric motors available in the marketplace but three phases electric motor is most commonly used for industrial uses mainly because it doesn’t require a starting apparatus. They operate at essentially constant speed from no load to full load. Additionally, the magnitude of a 3 phase motor is smaller than that of a single-phase engine of the same evaluation. Three phase motors are self-starting since they may create a rotating magnetic field.

The 3 phase electric motor is essentially composed of two parts: stator and rotor. The stator is composed of lots of slots to build a three-phase winding circuit that is connected to 3 phase AC supply. Whereas, the rotor is made up of a cylindrical laminated center with parallel slots and they’re short-circuited by the end rings. The rotating magnetic field in the stator is the first component operation.