Brightly colored, oddly shaped and is sometimes go along with the heady aroma, then tropical wedding flowers are the ordinary thing but it is anything that gives the astonishing look to your venue and blossoms your wedding. 

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Wedding Flowers

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The below given are some of the tropical flowers that are used on various marriages and these are:


A flower is arrived in solid colors and is a simply breathtaking classical flower with a clear pattern. Orchids more popularly used in weddings with different popular color combinations such as red, pink, white, orange and yellow.


A large flashy structured and symmetrically shaped flower that is usually used in reds and pinks color. Moreover, these flowers are able to make an excellent focal point in all the bouquet and fit well with all other tropical flowers.

Stargazer Lily: 

An exotic, alien-looking flower with the strong scent which is the part of the lily flower family that got its name from the bloom that endlessly gazed towards the sky.


If there is a compulsion of white color in your wedding theme then you cannot ignore the gardenia flower. It is also known as the national flower of Pakistan. Sometimes it is also identified as the Cape jasmine.