These days, it's hard to think of a business gimmick that will work. Maybe you've thought of everything: the group dynamics to improve employee morale, mascot outside the establishment to attract customers, or even give free samples such as food. Sad to say though, this is all too common.

You have to do something that not every business on the corner is already doing. A good example is a custom T-shirt. Get custom screen printed t-shirts form leading company like Mile High Athletic Apparel in the least possible time and affordable budget.

Do you know why custom screen printed T-shirts are good for business ads? Well, there are many reasons for this. First, people wear specially designed clothing you've become a walking advertisement. It can reach places far and your business will still be advertised.

What is good about this is that different types of people wearing a custom t-shirt. Rich, poor, young, old – they all do it. So, if all of them use it, you will attract a larger market such as only using a mascot or something like that.

Compared with a brochure or other printed advertisements, t-shirts last longer. A person who received a flyer is likely to throw it out in a minute without bothering to read it. The printed ad only lasts for a limited time and a very large cost.

It would be more efficient to just a custom screen printing t-shirts batch. You can give it to fairs and parades. People are not going to throw it, because t-shirts, especially those that attract attention, is something to wear.