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3 Reasons To Buy Pool Cover Roller Online In The UK

Thursday , 29, July 2021 Comments Off on 3 Reasons To Buy Pool Cover Roller Online In The UK

If you have a pool cover, then you should have a pool roller. It's a no-brainer. Good pool covers are thick, heavy, and bulky (as they should be). Do your back a favor and get a pool cover roller. The benefits outweigh the price ten times over! If you are searching for the best-rated pool cover online refer to


Following are the reasons why you should buy a pool cove roller:

  • Keep your life easy! 

The point is, with a roller, getting a pool cover on and off is a breeze – the whole operation takes less than a minute. Without a roller, you will be in a world of pain trying to fold, lift and store it. Not only is there a lot of material in these, but they are also wet and heavy!

  • Increase the lifespan of your cover 

If you take off a pool cover manually, there’s a good chance that it’s going to get dragged over rough ground, rocks etc., and thereby possibly get scraped or torn on the side of the pool or surroundings. Not to mention that dragging pool cover over rough terrain may affect its warranty.

  • Make your pool clean

The whole point of having a pool cover in the first place is that it doesn’t just keep your pool warm and cuts down cleaning time, And the easier the process of taking the cover on and off, the more likely it is that you’ll do so. Don't make it a chore when it needs to be done, a few minutes and it's sorted and depending on the season, you are either back enjoying the pool or saving money!

There is no doubt that once people use a cover, they suddenly realise how valuable they are. If you’re trying to heat a pool or stop water evaporation, it all happens on the surface of the water. Up to 90% of the heat goes straight out of the top of the swimming pool. It’s not the filter; it’s not the pumps; it’s not this; it’s not that. It’s just exposed water and if you put a cover over that, you basically stop it dead.