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A Guide to Choosing The Right Paving Slabs For Your Garden

Tuesday , 17, August 2021 Comments Off on A Guide to Choosing The Right Paving Slabs For Your Garden

When planning your garden, every step is daunting because not only are its aesthetics and results important, but the costs involved are important too. Every step of design and construction is confusing.

Unfortunately, the choice becomes more difficult and confusing for buyers as new Kent paving slabs are added to the manufacturer's mix every day. When choosing the right paving stone such as welsh slate for your garden, ideally four main factors come into play. 

1. Style – Your home can be designed in a contemporary, traditional, rustic, or another style. The style of the garden floor should complement and blend with the style of the house and not look out of place.


2. Color – Here you can choose contrast or enhancement, but the combined effect should be pleasant and unobtrusive.

3. Function – The functionality of the garden soil is also an important aspect. The weight, traffic and distance required will determine which slab is best for this purpose while still maintaining curb appeal.

4. Cost – The price of paving slabs is only 20 percent of the total cost of landscaping. Significant costs arise from other materials and labor costs. Even if you choose a slightly more expensive tile, it won't have a drastic impact on your overall cost.