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All About Fear Of Flying

Wednesday , 19, January 2022 Comments Off on All About Fear Of Flying

Aerophobia, the fear of flying, is supposedly the third most common phobia in the world. Recent data suggest that it affects 2.6% of the global population. That's more than one in 50 people who are terrified of traveling in an airplane. Only fear of heights and fear of spiders are more common. If you have fear of flying, then you can also join the fear of flying online courses via

On a very basic level, the fear of flying makes sense. You're more than 20,000 ft. in the sky. If the plane crashes, the chances of a traumatic death are very high. Our brains are naturally programmed to fear anything that can harm us. It's a useful feature in our brain that helps to keep us alive.

When the argument is described that way, it's perhaps surprising that we aren't all terrified of looking out an airplane's window.

The argument for not being afraid of flying relies heavily on logic. Statistically, it has been proven that it is far more dangerous driving a car than to fly in an airplane. The number of deaths from car crashes are substantially higher than those who die from plane crashes. 

It's completely normal to associate fear with danger – and avoid the feeling at all costs. That's why people with aerophobia choose not to fly abroad ever. It's not the best strategy.

Remind yourself of the facts. Aircraft maintenance Miami and construction are highly reliable. The numbers don't lie. Get on that plane and the flight will become easier each time. Avoid drugs or alcohol. 

These can't actually accentuate your fears. Take a trusted friend to help you get through it, and try to concentrate on the positives of flying to a new country. It'll get easier each time.