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All About The Neck Posture

Friday , 11, March 2022 Comments Off on All About The Neck Posture

The neck supports the head, which is a very heavy object that sits at the end of a long column. The neck must be able to stabilize the head while allowing us to pay attention and not lose our eyes. 

Because our main sensory organs are located on the head of the body, stability, and control of this area of the body are crucial in understanding the world as well as coping with physical challenges. 

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As we age, our postural habits can become more established and cause physical changes in the anatomy and the nature of tissues.

Most problems with the neck are caused by sitting. This is the position in which most of us spend our lives from childhood. Standing, the head is balanced over the body. This pattern continues when walking. 

However, sitting can cause significant problems for the neck because we tend to slump our lumbar spines. The flexion of the spine lumbar curves the top end towards the neck in a way that takes the head forwards and downs. 

The result is the poking chin position of the cervical and upper thoracic spines. This means that the head is held forward with the neck and lower thoracic areas flexed, and the neck extended. 

This can cause strains to the neck, which can lead to neck and shoulder pain in the lower neck as well as headaches in the upper neck.

The assessment and treatment of physiotherapy include assessing the patient's posture and the range of movement in the neck. The physiotherapist can correct the lower back posture to improve the neck posture and reduce the forces.