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All About Urethane Medical Balloon Angioplasty

Friday , 7, January 2022 Comments Off on All About Urethane Medical Balloon Angioplasty

Urethane medial balloon angioplasty takes place at the catheterization laboratory ("cath laboratory"). Doctors inject a specific dye through a tiny thin tube, referred to as a catheter into the bloodstream. The dye lets the doctor examine your arteries using an X-ray screen. You can find the best urethane medical balloons services via

urethane medical balloons

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A device that has a tiny balloon at its edge is introduced through an artery inside your arm or leg and passed across the veins until it is at the narrowed portion. The balloon is then inflated to smooth the plaque against the walls of the vessel. This opens the artery and returns blood flow. The balloon is then removed from your body.


1. The narrowing of the artery can be reduced and this can result in improved blood flow.

2. Major problems are not often encountered.

3. You should be able to resume normal activities soon following the procedure.

4. The procedure is typically carried out using local anesthesia that is less risky as compared to the general type of anesthesia ("putting you under").


1. The site of insertion could cause bleeding or infection.

2. The artery could be blocked again (restenosis).

3. The artery can be damaged (artery dissection).

4. The artery could create an opening (artery perforation).