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Are You Ready For A Benefits Administrator?

Tuesday , 21, July 2020 Comments Off on Are You Ready For A Benefits Administrator?

Benefits administration has systems and processes already in place so your HR team doesn't need to fumble with letters and postage or handling emergency coverage updates when one of your participants was denied coverage in the emergency room.

A good Benefits Administrator will have a legal counsel on staff. This will make sure your benefit administration firm is up-to-date on the ever-changing benefits regulations.

While Benefits Administration can appear to have a large cost on the surface, the opportunity cost is even more when you examine the stiff penalties that the federal government can impose for an infraction.

Additionally, a good Benefits Administrator will have a dedicated team to act as an advocate for your employees in the insurance domain. This will increase the happiness of your workforce on top of freeing up some HR staff to do other job responsibilities.

What are the opportunity costs of not helping your HR team by getting them assistance in benefits administration? Perhaps it is a lawsuit, or fines with from the IRS.

It may appear that your company is saving money by having your small HR team monitor the many benefits needs your company has, but the cost of making sure everything has been completed timely.

This article is not advocating you eliminate your HR department; I am encouraging you to complement them with benefit specialists. Investing in a Benefits Administration company to complement your current HR staff will enable your organization to better allocate your human and financial resources.

The opportunity costs letting your overworked HR staff stay on top of benefits can be much higher than hiring experts in the benefits administration field.