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Construction Management In NYC – What Is It And Why Use It?

Friday , 15, July 2022 Comments Off on Construction Management In NYC – What Is It And Why Use It?

Construction management (CM) can take many forms and is used for both small projects and very large projects. A construction manager can replace, or work with, a general contractor or subcontractor to build something large or small.

Some construction management companies also offer architectural or engineering services in addition to construction management. As a rule, the construction manager is paid by and represents the owner of the property on which the building will be built. You can also look for the best construction management in NYC via

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Creating a project is usually done as follows:

  • A little money to get the ball rolling

  • Have a place to build

  • Rough budget estimate

  • Pre-engineer as required

  • Architectural or rough drawing

  • final technique

  • Get estimates

  • If necessary, seek financing

  • get permission

  • Hiring general contractors and/or subcontractors

  • Set construction schedule or completion date

  • Fix cost estimates

  • Start building

  • Monitor progress and quality of work and materials

  • Make progressive payments to all subordinates

  • Complete the project and receive the Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)

The site manager can help you in most of these areas, with the possible exception of "some money to get the ball rolling". The CM has a contractual relationship with the owner to oversee and in some cases perform most of the above tasks. The amount of money charged to the owner depends on which part of the above work the CM has to do.