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Cosmetic Regulations For Personal Care Products

Thursday , 9, December 2021 Comments Off on Cosmetic Regulations For Personal Care Products

Cosmetic regulation is an overused term. The FDA (Food Drug and Cosmetic Act) was established in 1938. It is the official government agency that is responsible for all aspects of the cosmetic industry as well as the food and drug industries. You can click on for cosmetic regulations in Canada.

While it is able to do fairly well in the areas of drug and food production but it has abandoned cosmetics, and has allowed it to manage its own affairs.

Cosmetics have a long background and, from the period of the Egyptians to the present day, the desire for beautiful, fair skin has allowed this industry to grow and flourish up to more than 50 billion dollars per year. 

It is believed that the Cosmetic Industry, in all nations, is overseen by government agencies and bodies. They're set up for the sole goal of keeping an eye over the standard of the cosmetic products that are produced. 

The regulations set out by the FDA are very similar to those in other countries, however, there are some distinct features. While one of the roles of the FDA is to oversee its Cosmetic Industry, it gives more importance to controlling food items and drugs. 

When drugs are produced in the US prior to their introduction to the market, they'll require the required approval by the FDA. 

In accordance with the FDA, there are distinct definitions for drugs and cosmetics and one should first look them over to grasp the subtle distinction that exists. Cosmetics are those items that are sprayed and poured, applied, or massaged on the body to cleanse and beautify, or alter one's appearance.