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Dental Crowns: Types Of Dental Crowns

Wednesday , 13, May 2020 Comments Off on Dental Crowns: Types Of Dental Crowns

There are different types of dental crowns to choose from before having a crown placed. You need to discuss the pros and cons of each different type of placement with your dentist before you make your choice.

Many people prefer the natural look of porcelain fusion of metal, all-porcelain, ceramic, or all placements. That's because these types of crowns can be color-matched to the color of your teeth for a more natural look. You can also take suggestions from your dentist for dental crowns in Bend.

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Unfortunately, this option is usually prone to chipping and breaking because they are not as strong as the metal crown. Metal crowns are made from different types of alloys for robust shape, more secure protection.

Wear and tear involved with this type of placement are minimal and can withstand anything your natural teeth can. They are the longest enduring crown, which also means they are less expensive to maintain because you do not have to renovate them as often as other types of crowns.

If your dentist recommends placing the crown, he will most likely provide you with a temporary crown until the permanent crown is placed. Your permanent crown is made in the laboratory.

That means that it can take up to several weeks for them to be ready for placement. As a result, the temporary dental crown is placed.

A temporary crown is usually made of stainless steel or acrylic. They are not designed for long term use. Therefore, you should not try to wear a temporary crown in place with a permanent crown.