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Dental Implant – Permanent Way To Replace A Missing Tooth

Thursday , 3, September 2020 Comments Off on Dental Implant – Permanent Way To Replace A Missing Tooth

Dental implants have modified dentistry by allowing the replacement of one or all teeth. The implant is inserted into the jawbone and is made of titanium.

Dental implants give greater structural support and last longer than dental dentures or bridges. They serve as artificial roots on which new teeth are installed. You can also get more information about dental implants in Brooklyn NY via

dental implants

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Types of dental implants

Root implant: – This is the most popular type of dental implant in implantology. This type of dental implant is highly effective and reflects the size and shape of the patient's natural teeth.

After the dentist has performed local anesthesia, he or she will make an incision in the gum line to access the jawbone. Then the bone is developed and the dental implant is carefully and precisely implanted into the jawbone.

Finally, the dentist sutures the gums and, if required, prescribes the appropriate medication.

Plate-shaped implants: – Another form of implantology is plate-shaped implants. This dental implant is ideal in situations where the jawbone is not wide enough to properly support the root implant.

Dental implants in plaque, unlike root implants, are long and thin and are attached to the thin jawbone. The insertion process is the same as for root implants, but in some cases, the dental implants are placed immediately with the restoration without waiting for the Osseointegration period.